Thursday, November 1, 2007

Penis Enlarger

Building for your penis, makes it big, strong, & hard !

Penis Enlarger can help you increase your penis size. You will enjoy being engulfed by the deep sensation for our quality pump. The extra elastic of the pneumatic bulb is able to put much air inside of the vacuum pump, it makes the penis stronger, harder and bigger, have the twice stimulation and pleasure ! By only pressing the new quick release control will enable you to release the air immediately. Also the measurement guide is now included in the see through clear tube for easy to see size improvement !

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Hot Dolphin Bullet

Hot Dolphin Bullet

Multi Speed Vibrating !!! Water Proofing !

Dolphin Beak can bring you extra clit stimulation !

The Dolphin is made from very high quality TRP material which is super flexible and soft, there is a strong and hard bullet inside the flexible and soft dolphin, powered by 2AA batteries, controlled by a dial controller.

Different vibrating frequency brings different stimulation !

This is a quiet but hot night ! Want fly to the erotic paradise ! You can't without this fantastic partner Hot Dolphin Bullet !

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